How to center text inside a scrollview

i’m using a scrollview where i have a row and text inside the cells.
I want that if the entire content of the scrollview is visible on the screen without overflow, it is centered in the window. Because as for now it’s like everything is aligned to the left.

How can i achive this?

@Mevi Can you help me?

Hi, to make this happen, instead of a row I would make a container with layout: horizontal, put the paragraphs in, and justify the content as “space between”:


Hi, i did what you said and it worked.
But now i have another problem: if i add some more paragraphs in the container with the horizontal layout i can’t scroll to see the paragraphs that are not visibile in the window, it just cuts the overflow.
How can i scroll to see the remaining paragraphs?

Edit: Now the preview app on my smartphone started to crash when i open the page with the scrollview

Hi, unfortunately the scroll in scroll view is either horizontal or vertical, so tables stretching beyond the viewport are not supported. If you have lots of repeating components causing the crash, I’d suggest trying the Recycler view component, it has better performance compared to scroll view.

So basically i can’t achive what i want…
Also i didn’t remeber to set the horizontal scroll in the scrollview, and now with that it collapses all the paragraphs one attached to the other without space between them.

Hi, you’ll probably have to set a width for the container, because the scroll view doesn’t have a set width

Oh, ok. Now it’s working, but remains the problem that if there is overflow i can’t scroll to see more.
For the crash i just added 3 other paragraphs to see if it worked and started to crash, but it crashes even with just 4 paragraphs.