How to change image dimension in card

Hei guy, im trying to upload a image into a card modul, but i want to change the image, so it fit the card more correctly. As you can see from the image i uploaded. I want to move the image in the card modul.

Hi! If you want to change the card module, you have to open it in template editor mode. You’re currently in local editor. You can find the template editor under properties, see last part of this section: New style and theme features — what's changed? - AppGyver Note that editing this will edit all these cards in your app, unless you clone it into a new view component (in template editor mode, top bar of the canvas, on the left).

Hi. Thanks for the replay. sorry maybe my question wasn’t so clear. If you look at the screenshot i took. ive added 1 image to the card. I want to move that image around to fix the card better. for example in my screenshot, it is showing someone butt. I want to move the image to show more of the guys back and head, without changing the dimensions on the card modul. I just want to chance the dimension of the image, in the card modul, if that is possible.

You probably need to go to template editor mode to do it. You can find the available settings when you edit the style class under “image” section.