How to change object back to array so it can be used in repeat list

I’ve been trying to get the answer to this for months with no help. Appgyver has this crazy thing where we cannot query realtime database records as anything but an array, so I have to get the entire array as a single record. Now, I cannot use the data variable in a repeater list because it is not an array, so I made a page variable list of objects and need to go through the absurd process of changing it back to an array in order to use it in a repeater list.

Though it has all the SAME key names, it will not simply allow me to bind the data variable as the value.

Has anyone been able to come up with one of the “workarounds” which seem to be so necessary in every step of development with appgyver?


I’m not sure I understand - you have to change the entire array (of records) in your database to a single record because composer cannot query records as anything but an array? Do you want it to be a single record?
If you need to change the data before it hits a data variable, I’d suggest using a formula when setting the variable here (the data variable in this case is a collection of data records):

As for the question in a title, the way to do this would depend heavily on the type of object. Note that objects cannot have repeat key names. I’d advice looking into the formulas under List and Object.