How to change properties of an instance of template? Since new big change it is not accessible

Hello Mevi,
I am using my own component in different places. I can change template in Template editor" and then all instances are changed (OK). But if I want to change only local instance - I can only change the style of it, not the properties, like Label text or adding one field to it. I feel like stupid but I did not find the way! Is there a way or you disabled it and allowed only local style to be changed?

If you want to change the structure of the component, you always have to go into the template editor (via Properties > Second icon on the bottom). If you want to do changes on this level but don’t want them to apply elsewhere, you have to clone it as a new component (Within component template editor, first icon on the top of the canvas)

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 10.06.28