How to change several page variables upon button click?

I know I can change page variables by dragging several set page variable flow functions over into the editor and stringing them together. But, is there a more direct way? Like having a formula fire upon button click?

I have 10 variables that i need to change all at once.

You can do it like this

Yes. Thanks. I was hoping I could bind a button click to a formula. I have 10 variables to change.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to set a page variable, But setting 10 page variables at once, its not a problem. If you want, you can not put them all in parallel, you can put some in series too

I had a few like this but found that when some of the variables appear on pages that it caused some pages to load more than once. This was mostly when there was a subsequent “replace page” node.

Instead I loop all of the variable changes together in a chain.

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