How to change the binding type in isolation mode?

I want to open the page in the bottom sheet when the user clicks on the icon. I have combined 3 components into one view component.

Now I am working in isolation mode with the new view component.

So now when I am adding the logic(open page in the bottom sheet) on one of the images, it is asking for the page id instead of the page and also while mapping the specific page id to this logic. It says unavailable(Check out in the attached image).

Apart from this, I have tried another way of doing the same.

Add the image component inside the container and attach the logic (Open page in the bottom sheet) to the container and now convert the whole container into a composite view.

Now I have imported the newly created view component into the old composite component (which already has 3 images). Now when I am clicking on the composite container (container with logic ), it is not opening the page.

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Hi Ankur, are you still experiencing issues with this functionality? In the first scenario, maybe you could try binding it with a formula instead, that often works as a workaround to this kind of error.

okay, I will try it. Thanks for suggestion

Same problem.

The only option is binding page id (but none allow it):

Hi @Serge_Angeloz, check out this post for an explanation: