How to choose a canvas or page, so that when you start the application, it starts with the page of your choice

Hello friends, God bless you. If someone of you is kind enough to help me to solve a doubt. I gave to create 4 pages, but when creating the “Home” page, I do not know how to put it to start first a page that I indicate first, and that does not start me by default… thank you very much.

Its always good to start by checking the documentation.

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I dont know if its clealy stated in the documentation, so heres how

If you also using authentication, the first page is stated here


Hello, thank you very much. It is very well understood. Really all of you in the community are the best. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and those who contributed to this solution. Greetings from Bogota Colombia (I apologize for my English that is a little regular).

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Thank you very much also to you. A God bless you for the reply, Thank you very much.