How to clear the notification if user open the apps?

I am familiar with the following event:
1.Event Notification Received is trigger when received the notification while the apps is on.
2.Event Notification Open is trigger when the apps is off and user press the notification displayed on notification badges.

How do I clear the notification is the notification is sent while the apps is off and user directly open the apps while pressing notification badges?

Can you not make the notifications not automated but a sort of variable to be displayed only when tapped?
Maybe I am over simplifying the matter since I do not know the exact use scenario… But if you want no notifications sent whilst the app being off but when the user logs in and checks on them: It seems rather practical to have a go at it such.

My apologies if I misinterpreted your question… :thinking:

@Berter_Akyol , Thank you for your reply.

I have attached the video for more understanding. Please take note on the early and ending of the video.

The notification is still there, even after I respond to that notification.

The notification will go off on the phone dashboard if I touch the top badge phone notification which will trigger the Event Notification Open.