How to combine formulas with data item in repeat

Hi! I have a numerical data item that is part of a list being pulled from Airtable. I would like the numbers to be rounded to two decimals. I actually did a rounding formula in Airtable which accomplishes this within Airtable, yet still some of these numbers are showing up in preview with a string of 9s after the first two decimals. I feel like there is a mistake causing those 9s to be there in the first place but I was wondering if there was a way to fix it by adding a Round formula to the data item in repeat in Appgyver. However, I can’t see to figure out the correct format to apply the formula to a piece of variable data. Does that make sense?

So I suppose there are two questions: 1) does anyone know why those 9s are showing up? 2) what is the appropriate way to add formulas to an item that’s already bound to a data item in repeat?

Hi, if you are repeating with data like

[{id: "a", num: 1.99}, {id: "b", num: 2.99}]

you can get the number to display as rounded with ROUND(repeated.current.num).

If it’s not working for you, could you post a screenshot of what warning or error you’re getting in the formula editor?

Thank you so much for the response! Here is a look at what I’ve attempted:

The “repeated.current.fields.Album Score” is the default syntax from the initial repeat binding. The rest is me trying to figure out how to take that syntax and add the ROUND formula to it. Though it seems it does not like the “Album Score” portion, which is simply the field name in Airtable.

Does this help?

Hi, field names with spaces included can be problematic in formulas, I’m not sure if you can use them at all with the dot syntax.

ROUND(repeated.current.fields["Album Score"], 2) syntax should work if “Album Score” is the field name.

It looks like the formula won’t accept that syntax:

But it sounds like I could change the field names in Airtable to not include any spaces and that would fix the issue. Is that right?

Hi, you seem to have an extra dot there before the brackets, what if you remove it?

And yes, the best solution would probably be to modify them to camelCase, meaning you can use for example fields.albumScore directly.