How to configure google sheets API for CRUD methods like in Bubble?

I have little experience with programming but I managed to configure the free google sheets API in Bubble to create, update, read and delete data. As there are database limitations in Bubble for non-payers (only 200 lines) and I need to store a lot of information in the database and send it to a spreadsheet. So I decided to try using Appgyver.

Reading the data from the spreadsheet I’ve seen it’s simple, using an API key, but that doesn’t work for creating, updating and deleting (unauthorized). For this in Bubble I had to create a service account in the google console and that’s how it worked.

Edited: I was trying to use firebase to sync with google sheets but after trying a lot I got an error and I found it’s not free: “Your project fiscaldlu must be on the Blaze (pay-as-you-go) plan to complete this command. Required API can’t be enabled until the upgrade is complete”.
So the only free option would be the google sheets API

Does anyone know how to configure the free google API in Appgyver?
Bubble configuration screens are below.



…[SHEET_ID]/values/[PAGE]![INTERVAL UPDATE]?valueInputOption=[valueInputOption]

Delete row