How to connect a wine api with appgyver app?

I tried to find a good a good database for wine information with no success. Can anybody know a good api for wine information?

You can look at some of these APIs:

Wine-Searcher main site:
API REST to set up: Our API

Vivino main site:
Site to set up the Vivino API: GitHub - aptash/vivino-api

You can also search among many others on this website:



These APIs or any other you know are limited in their calls. If it’s a more serious project, it’s better to have your own server, hosting, among others, and create your own database with unlimited APIs.

If the database is in the cloud, you can use API calls are unlimited in the free version and can be scaled for future projects.

To connect the API database to AppGyver, it all depends on the API you choose, as all REST APIs are configured differently. Once you have chosen your API website, server, or cloud-hosted data, you can ask the community about the specific API configuration.

An example: Some people configure wine data on and others on to make REST API calls and view the wine list, but both databases are configured differently in AppGyver Composer. Once you have chosen and know which REST API you will use, you can ask for help, as the community will ask which database you are working with.

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Thank you! Helped a lot.