How to connect AppGyver to image recognition API

I’d like to create a feature where user upload a picture, then the image recognition API connected behind can give a text response and display it on the text field. Now I have the API which doesn’t storage the image and it works with no problem. But I don’t know how to connect it with AppGyver. I create a Data Resource to test this API for the POST operation, but have no idea with the image setting to finish the test.
Does anyone know how to do this? If so, can you share the steps which you followed?

How do you use the image in the api documentation?
Can you share the documentation

The api just requires the image path to returns the analysis results of the image. Actually I added “image” to my custom request schema, and then tried the test, but got the CORS error even though I already have set the server allow CORS.

So first I want to make sure the way I set the request schema is the correct or not.
Secondly I want to know how to resolve the CORS problem.