How to connect to a Wi-Fi network with the "Scan QR" component?

I am creating an application and within it, I need to connect to a wifi network by means of a qr code. For now, it could only read the data in an “alert” but that’s not enough.
The most recent smartphone references bring a native qr reader that takes care of it, but I need to create it from Appgyver. Is there a way to make that possible?

Thank you all! :wink: :heart:

Hmm, QR code scanning is very much possible, but I don’t think you can directly connect to a Wi-Fi at the moment, that would require some native functionality :thinking: You could try searching online if there’s a solution for React Native for doing this, in that case it would be possible to include as a plugin in the future, but if not this might just be plain impossible. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!