How to connect to REST API that requires an APi-Key

Hi Everyone,

Completely new to AppGuyver! (and to REST API for that matter).

So i want to connect to a source to get data from and this source requires an API-Key to connect.

All API access originates from a url that was given by this source.

Their website can generate a key, but how do i implement in inside AppGuyver so that it will connect and i can get data from the source into my App?




I’m a bit of a newbie to this too, but I think it should be in the REST API documentation for the database, but it might be something like appending ?key=<API_KEY> to the end of your URL.

Hi again!

I got this from database source domain:

The api_key query string parameter shoud be included in each request.

$curl -i<your key here>

So i guess it has to be included in each request,i get that.
But where do i put this in AppGuyver?

As you can see, i am pretty new to all this, but really want to learn this!

I do have an understanding about programming, and have done that for a couple of years, but that was all php/MySQL. I guess i need to understand the logic here.

Thanks for help!


Just trying something, could be wrong but worth a shot:

Got this from the test:

Error: Non-JSON error body.status: 404

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:<here’s the api_key i entered>
Relative path: /id

So basically i want to connect and retrieve data, just can’t seem to figure out what to put where in AppGuyver.

Any help appreciated!


Hi! From your url it looks like the API key is sent as a query parameter, so please go ahead and add the api_key field there :slight_smile: More about data configuration can be found in these guides.

Hi Mevi,

I solved it by adding the right resource url in the designated field and also adding the correct api-key for my database-source in the designated field. So that’s solved.

Maybe you can help with the new topic i posted?:


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