How to connect user data details and logged user

Hi all, I created Sign Up form by this video:

And I created user list and Details user form.
I would like to bind user details after user successfuly login into login form.

Any advice?

When your user make the registration on Firebase, in your canevas of logic you ask Firebase to send you back the ID of the user and/or email.

Or in the sign up form, add field to put name obligatory.

I Dont understand what you wrote…

I have two database.
One is for authenticated users and second with users address and personal datas.
Each table has User ID for specific record.
I know, how to call and list each user from each database, but I need it to do in one windows.
Bind login infos of registered user to address and personal data user will create.

I need, when user log in, then will open page with his personal data with possibility to Add or Change his data self

Me, as administrator will open another page after my admin login where I will see list of Uers also with their datas and with possibility to change or delete them