How to convert an excel sheet calculator into a mobile app using appgyver?

Hello guys i have a couple of excel useful calculators that i would like to convert into a mobile app with same calculation functions from the sheet and etc.

So i was wondering, appgyver does not supports direct conversion from excel into a mobile app, or importing an actual excel file into it and it works primarily with JSON format.

So what if i convert the whole excel sheet into JSON
How would i do then to make appgyver read this JSON file of the sheet then ?

Any thoughts on how i could turn my excel sheets into a mobile app with the same calculation formulas/functionalities of the excel sheet if i convert it to JSON or whatever other way this could be possible to be done ?!

Any help will be appreciated as there is no tutorial on this out there online.

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Hi Leonardo, welcome to the community! My tip for you would be to start by checking out the Composer formula functions, it’s actually possible to do quite complex calculations with them right in the app. :slight_smile: Take a look at at least the Math, Financial and Statistical sections if you could be able to find what you need there!

Hi Leonardo,

I use Sheety, a spreadsheet - to - API maker
Works really smooth if you know how to make API’s!

Hello guys, both of your tips very helpful, thanks very much for your inputs.
I would like to elaborate on Jordan option a little bit further.

I’ve checked sheety as you suggested Jordan, but i saw they have paid pricing plans.
So do you have a paid plan with them as well ?

And about creating this API from my sheet, could you elaborate a bit further on how this could be done, for my use case in specific my friend ?
Will definitely appreciate my friend.

Thanks very much.

So, if I am getting it well, you have some calculations to be done in an excel sheet and want these calculations to be done in Excel right?

I would just use Sheety (PUT or POST API) to get the input for the calculation in a Google Sheets (basically online excel, not sure what calculations you use in Excel, but most can be done in Sheets as well)

Determine which cell you get the input in, make Sheets do the calculation on auto pilot and use a GET API to get that result back into your app

Hello jordan, no no.
Based on what you saying i think maybe sheety is not the best option for me.
Please take a look on this picture in attachment

This is the EXACT excel sheet / calculator i want to turn into a mobile app

As you can see it’s a simple calculator for sports betting
But i don’t know how to make this one work into app gyver then

Any suggestions?

Hi, it would be possible to make this kind of calculator directly in Composer.

bets: List of objects with game (string), stake (number), odd (number), win (true/false → win/loss) and pnl (number) fields, could be a client-side data collection if it’s enough that the info is saved on the user’s device, or a REST API direct integration resource if you want to save the data to a backend.

Number of bets = COUNT(data.bets)
Total invested = SUM(PLUCK(data.bets, "stake"))
Profit = SUM(PLUCK(bets, "pnl"))


To display the values need to create a user interface to repeat the objects in bets, and some buttons and a user interface for adding and removing objects from the bets list. These videos on how to list and manipulate data might give you some direction.

Hello Mari, thanks very much for the help and inputs.
Unfortunately that would be too much complicated work for me (at last as a beginner/novice right now)

So i would like to know if you guys know any place i can find experienced APPGYVER freelancers (Just appgyver) willing to do this mobile app for me from my excel sheet for a fee ?
I’m willing to pay for this job if you guys would know where i can find appgyver freelancers.
because then i would share my appgyver account with this freelancer and he would do the job FROM INSIDE off it

meaning i would be SEEING the job all the time, so i would know/see HOW it was done, top to bottom
and in turn = WOULD LEARN
how to use the platform at same time then
by reading the project source/layout, after it’s completion
you understand ?

so could you guys shed some light on this?
on where i can find some good appgyver freelancers willing to do this calculator conversion for me, for a fee ?

thanks very much in advance my friends.

Hi, I’ve seen people looking for for freelance developers and finding them right here on the forums, so you could post a new topic about this project. :slight_smile: