How to convert timestamp to date?

For example:
I get information about the date from the user, it backend (using xano-backend) it cames like this “1618272000000”, and when I get this information from backend and trying to output it in the app I just can’t convert it to the normal type of date. (I want to get something like April 10 | 18:00)

Any suggestions?

A Javascript node function might work, for example:

new Date(1618272000000)

The output of that should result in a UTC Date

Thank you for the answer, but how I can use javascript node in Appgyver?

For a repeated list item for example

First set the schema to date/time for the time stamp cell in your database in the Data configurator.
So now appgyver knows the returned value from the database is a timestamp and not a random number,

Then use the following formula (there are a few options)

FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(repeated.current.created_at, “DD.MM.YYYY”)

where “.created_at” is the timestamp returned from your database

Hi! Did you find a solution to convert timestamp to date?

I would go with Date formulas, for example DATETIME :slight_smile: