How to convert TXT to Image URL in Appgyver Formula?

Recently I needed to insert page variables into another URL type variable, but without success.

It keeps displaying this message.

“Unformatted text is unasignable to format web url”

I’ve read this topic, however, it didn’t help me, after all, there’s no solution for what I read.

If there is a solution, I didn’t quite understand what it is then.

Can someone please help?

Text with format “url” is unassignable to format “web-url” - AppGyver

You can use the URL formula to format the text as an URL:

What error were you getting? Add a screenshot. And look into the flow on debug, it will show you what is actually happening which will likely lead to you solving it.

The URL( … ) needs to include the STRING

I found this solution:

Store the url string in the database, and then call it on the image.

Even with these yellow and red warnings, everything went well.