How to copy a full screen of a project, with all components and code?

How to copy a full screen of a project, with all components and code?

Hey guys

All AppGyver Team: CONGRATULATIONS, really great.

I noticed that we now have a button to copy the entire project. (image below).

I really liked this feature. It will help as a backup.

I take this opportunity to ask a question:

Is there any way to copy an entire page (duplicate, clone).

I haven’t seen anything along these lines and the closest I’ve come to something like this is putting the entire page inside a Master Container and turning that container into a component to use on other pages.

But it doesn’t seem to me to be ideal.

I think a feature that allows you to duplicate an entire page, with everything it has, would be very interesting.

I’ll take the opportunity and launch this request there in the right place, for suggestions.


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Hi! We don’t currently have a way to duplicate a page easily, but the components can be copied over if they are in a container, as the container can be copied over. However, the ability to copy full pages would definitely be useful as well. We have a feature request for that here.


Once again, thank you so much Mevi. Gratitude for the return.

Hi Mevi,

I didn’t find this copy button in SAP BTP platform for AppGyver.

Could you please confirm if it is possible to copy one existing Appgyver project in SAP BTP side?

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Sorry for the belated answer – the copy project functionality is not currently openly available on the BTP lobby side, but if you need a copy of the application and don’t care that it will not appear in the BTP lobby, you can use the same kind of url as in community edition to create a copy (/builder/applications/new?copy_from=ID_OF_YOUR_APP_THAT_YOU_WANT_COPIED). Note that you will from then on have to access that copy of the app with a direct url OR from /apps.

We are working with the lobby team to include a similar functionality also on the BTP side in the future.


Very good workaround within BTP. But, I see that /apps show “NOT FOUND” message rather than showing all projects. Can provide some information on seeing those copied projects in BTP?