How to copy schema from a rest api to on-device storage?

I have a call to a rest api that returns over 200 “columns”. I had to do the schema manually and it is very time consuming. This api endpoint is being reformulated and I will need to reformulate the schema of the on-device storage variable.

If I could map the same schema as done in the rest api, it would make it much easier.

I found a video from August 2021 (in Portuguese: Como integrar dados offline no appgyver? - YouTube) explaining how to store rest api data in a variable on-device storage (client-side storage) in a single object.
In the image below appears the option Reference Types > Data variable but I didn’t find that option now.

I thought of 2 possibilities to solve this:
Is it possible to copy a rest api schema to on-device storage?
How do I use Reference Types - Data variable in an on-device storage?