How to crate data colection from json data in local storage?

Hello. Sorry, I use an online translator.
I’m trying to develop an application that will work completely offline. To work, the application needs one collection of data, which the application creates at startup.
Right now I’m using the data record creation logic for this, but that’s okay, not many records need to be created yet. If there are hundreds of records, this will not be convenient for management.

I can’t use an external source to get data, the application must run completely offline (I also don’t have online resources).

I found a way to add a JSON file with my data to local storage, but it is presented as a single record there. How to split this megaobject into separate entries in the collection? Or maybe there is another, better way?

It’s sad that I can’t specify a CSV file as the data source…

If I understood your request.

If you have created, your user’s device database. On the page where you want your data, it is in variables / data variables / and add variable app. There, composing it will offer you your data.

I hope it helps you.

I found a solution.
I will leave some hints here for those who will follow my path.

  1. JSON with the data you want to put in the local memory of the device for further work and changes should be put in Data Varible.
  2. use Mapping for this. Source Data is your JSON represented as a formula. set up data mapping from JSON to variable fields.
  3. now you have a List of your objects loaded into the RAM of the device.
  4. You need to add a simple loop that will create records in local storage (or somewhere else) starting from position 0 and up to the length of your list of objects. (Write the zero object of the list, apply WITHOUT_ITEM to it, repeat until the list is empty)
  5. At the beginning of this you need to make logic to check that there is no data in the local device memory. to do this, load data from the local storage into a variable and check the length of the resulting list.

Now your JSON is converted to a list of objects, which are stored in local device memory and you can modify them using standard means.

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