How to create a Inventory System?

Not sure if anyone has created any guide for this topic yet but I’ve searched and haven’t found anything.

I’m trying to do if a Variable has a value greater than 0 to display the image and Item amount (Variable Value) on this screen along with automatically picking slots/rows that aren’t taken and possibly the ability to drag and move items.

I’m sure I could just make the Images hidden at first then make them visible when the value is above 0 but I plan to have a lot of items and it would look really bad that way.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

one way to do something like tht is with visibility, but check out also this video, you can use the conditional renderer for a cleaner implementation

another way, would be to have two lists one being the visible and one invisible to the user and set things from one to another to show and hide things
now this part is not possible as you mean it to drag but you could tap to choose a component and then tap to a new container to set it in a new list,

But an other way if you dont care about the position, is to have one container and one list with all the items and just wrap them bellow

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Thanks for the reply will def try these out

Edit: combined soft tabs with conditional render and wrap overflowing components and got it to work pretty much perfect :slight_smile: