How to create a user profile with read/update/delete functions in the page?

I need some help please
-I have a marketplace app and it’s almost set everything. User can upload their items and stuff and I would like to include this…

  • I already set the authentication with firebase and I would like users to create their profile and inside the profile watch their information and items they posted
  • The second is to delete their own posts only (the post must delete from their profile - items)

Only an observation while someone can help you with more examples, images, or videos that may help you.

To include the option for users to create their profile and view their information and the items they have posted in your market application, the first thing you need to do is create a database in Firebase to store each user’s profile information. Once you have the database configured, you can use Firebase authentication to get the current user’s ID and store their profile information and the items they have posted in the database using the user’s ID as the primary key.

To allow users to delete only their own postings, you can use Firebase authentication to verify that the user attempting to delete the posting is the owner of that posting. To do this, you can store the ID of the user who created each posting in the database along with the posting, and then compare that ID to the current user’s ID before allowing the posting to be deleted. If the current user’s ID matches the ID of the user who created the posting, then the posting is allowed to be deleted; otherwise, an error message should be displayed indicating that the user does not have permission to delete the posting.

Yeah thank you may yoy know any channel where I can watch a video about it?
I’ve been watching many videos and I can’t find one
I just created the user’s database / and firebase auth but i dont know how to connect them and logics

Is that to say that you haven’t configured it in AppGyver yet, or in other words, you are not putting it into action to preview it in the App?

I already created the firebase auth and the sign in and sign up too and its complety working when the users put the email and password in the app firebase is getting the user’s info in the authentication part not in database because when I set up the firebase database (users) the UID is different than firebase authentication UID
Look at this…
Thats my app

Oh, now if I remember, I entered the app last week, because of a post and a thread I saw about a topic. If anything comes to mind or any ideas, I’ll write to you right away.

Thank you! I’ll try to add some logics