How to create a user when using Firebase?

Super happy to see the Firebase backend!!! I have the login page working perfectly (super easy thanks!)… Now I’m trying to figure out how to create a user. I expected to see a component in the Flow Function Market but nothing there, not on the roadmap either…

Assuming that this is supported, does anyone know how to register an account with Firebase?



You could use HTTP Request.

Visit the below link to make an HTTP request

Sign up with email / password


I’m not sure I follow… The Firebase login function is a out of the box component… Why would we build the account registration using the REST API and handle Logins using the component?


I just used this method and it working for me, take a look, maybe it will work for you also.

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When I came across that post, I took it as an older solution that was figured out before the Firebase integration was released.

Is what we are saying here that the functionality is only partially built out and we need to mix the old solution with the new components? That the signup process is not currently in the roadmap and should be added?

Yes, that is the case currently.
I also followed the description above and it works fine.

Ah ok… thanks… I was confused by the partial implementation… but I am a fan of release fast and often… weird that they don’t have this in the roadmap…