How to create a wallet feature for mobile transactions for my app

I’m trying to build an app for booking bus tickets and would like to include a wallet feature that allows the users to keep, withdraw and send money within the app which is also connected to their online payment system or bank account.
Can this be done on AppGver? How?

@Francis_Emolu your questions is interesting, I’ve not Ths before and is something I’d like to implement in my project, please update me if you manage to do it or get answers regarding Ths …
Thanks In advance

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Alright, I’ll let you know

First impression: be careful as there most probably are tons of regulations regarding any app that “keeps” user money, aka has a wallet function. To avoid that You could keep track of “tokens” or other pseudo-money in the “wallet”.

Secondly, that should be stored in a pretty secure way so I would definitely try to implement some encryption method before storing the values.

I would not 100% advise this approach, but “wallet” content is in fact a data property of a user. So it can be stored in any database.

What can be another issue is how to fill up and withdraw from the wallet. It really depends on the payment providers in Your region.


thanks for the tips, will surely take this into consideration