How to create an input popup

Hi, how can i create a popup where the user enters a text input. Like the “Confirm” flow function, but the user has to type something himself, instead of just clicking confirm.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply!

There’s no ready-to-go component for this, but it can be done manually. Here’s a thread with some examples when user have created pop-up side menus, and the same logic can be applied here! Just add a component to your page and add whatever text and inputs you want in it, set its visibility to a page variable (like show_popup, true/false type) which is false by default but is set to true when you want the popup to show. When user presses confirm, set the variable to false again and the popup disappears. As for other styling, follow the tips in those threads!

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I appreciate the help :slight_smile: