How to create and use database joins, etc.?

Hi, I’m new to AppGyver. Looks great. Onboarding was great for simplest functionality. Now, I’d like to do things like handle database joins, but I’m surprised to not see any documentation or videos on this.


  • I don’t see how to save data from one form to multiple tables (how do I get the main record ID into the joined table record?).
  • I don’t see how to display joined tables

Is there existing documentation on how to do this? If not, any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. I don’t think we have anything specific to this, but if you want to save some data into several tables, I would simply use several create/update record flow functions in a row. Not sure what you mean by “displaying joined tables”, but Formulas for Lists might have what you want, especially once the new formulas that come with our upcoming 2.X client runtime are out :thinking: