How to create Drop down menu?

Hey! Why isn’t there any tutorial on how to create Drop down menu (usually three horizontal lines icon)? I am unable to learn Appgyver just because there’s no proper tutorial on anything. Can anyone guide me?

There are plenty of videos to take a look on youtube and there are also many videos here

About the dropdown menu do you have any screenshot reference on what exactly your looking for?

I want to create E-commerce app and for Dropdown menu I want hamburger icon on top left of my page so when someone clicks on that a dropdown should appear consisting of the list with link being attached to every item i.e if the 1st item in list is “Men Collection” and when someone clicks on the text it should take them to the page having all those Men collection.

if i were you i would choose a pick option function or component. other type of dropdown like this is possible, but there is no ready made component you have to make it

So if you want the easy way, there is a component called dropdown field
but because you want to press an icon, you can use the function Action sheet and set it as component tap.

Does the Action sheet have an option to position the dialog near the icon from where it’s triggered?

no unfortunately there is no