How to create news feed for social media app?

How do you develop a news feed aka an RSS feed of user generated posts that display on a user’s profile timeline & a user’s friends timeline just like Facebook? I want to specialize in social media apps, so news feeds aka RSS feeds & chat are 2 features I have to master. Also, I’ll be using PostgreSQL.

I’m not sure of the level of security for this response and sorry it’s only a partial reply. I am thinking i have an idea to get you started. I think you could set up a single page which would have Logic set up to have a data variable in repeat and the variable or record would be pulled from an app variable that would generate on page load. Then on a previous page you would allow users Is to select what user they want to see the feed for. When They click a user that user name will Is be passed to the next page i described above. The collection for the user would be displayed on that page.

I’m assuming you could set up a container with a data variable in repeat and users could select a user from a drop down as well.

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