How to create randomized content


Im new to AppGyver and I wan to say: thankyou for this cool free to use tool. You guys are the best! :slight_smile:

I want to create randomized content. Exacly: push the button and recived 3 random images from the poll of prepered images, with text desciptions of that images bellow.

its any easy way to do that?
Can you guys help me with that?


You are going to want to store your Image URLs in a List (array) and you can either use SHUFFLE to shuffle the array and you just pick whatever the first index will be (as an example) ImageList[0].value for the Image Source property (as a formula).

There is also a RANDOM_INTEGER_BETWEEN(min, max) function you could implement if you want to generate random indexes.

It generate the random index every fraction of seconds, thus the item in the list shuffle like that fast. If I want to control the duration of each shuffle, what would be the correct formula or method that I have to implement.

I tried to delay the data retrieval by using “Delay” logic from the data variable logic canvas. But it wont work… as it loads all the items then start shuffling the item very fast.

Point: I want to shuffle the item on every page focused time, then delayed for some seconds(lets say 30 seconds) then shuffle to another item and so on.