How to create variable by add some components values?

Hello to all of you AppGyvers.

My today’s issue is to create a text variable like this → Name: “hol_start” and value: “2021-10-15” for example. It looks like a Date but it should be added from three values from single components as you can see in the picture.

ok that what you can see in these dropdown lists is german (sorry about this) but this means “Day. (27)” “Month (06)” and “Year (2019)”. This should be translated into “YYYY-MM-DD” like ISO Date

How can I do that?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Jens_Rohleder, you could create page variables von_tag, von_monat etc. and bind them to the “Selected value” of each respective dropdown field.

Then you can create the string based on that: pageVars.von_jahr + "-" + pageVars.von_monat + "-" + pageVars.von_tag

If you want to create it as a valid datetime string with time, you can use

DATETIME(pageVars.von_jahr + "-" + pageVars.von_monat + "-" + pageVars.von_tag + "T00:00:00")

and similarly for the end date.

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Woooow sounds cool. I’ll try this. Tanks so much.