How to customize rich text editor

Is there any way to change the color of the icons in the rich text editor, or remove the big bold letters on top that say RichTextEditor, which halfway covers the cancel button like its out of place?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment. :frowning:


yes that is too bad.

Is it true that the marketplace is all composite components created by contributors in the composite component editor? Is there a process for contacting the author of the component and making requests for code used in order to make more customizations?

At the moment almost all composite components are made by the AppGyver team. I’ve seen some people sharing their composite components via share tokens, but we don’t have any publicly available composites at the moment that would be made by other users.

Haha yes that’s me. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources for that at the moment, but thanks :slight_smile:

Did not ask you for anything that requires resources, but nevermind.

Time, energy, focus are all considered as a resource…
And as You can read in the pinned April update, since a lot is said to be going on, I am not surprised that forums and such type of cooperation is not a major focus right now.

And honestly I have no hard feelings about the reply speed of staff on forums or anything like that. I still consider the Composer as a great tool, the AG Team as awesome people. This tool does require users to put in the effort to learn. What doesn’t require this?

I think you accidently replied to the wrong thread as I have no idea what you are talking about.