How to debug live app? (Bug: GPS)

App ID: 121604

Hi, i’m facing this issue where the app is working fine inside the Appgyver Preview app, but crashing in the built version.

This app mainly has a button on the homepage that redirects to an ‘Embedded Map View page’. The button leads to an initialization flow for the Map View component and then opens the page.

In the built version, the app crashes as soon as the button is pressed, without any errors.

  1. How do i debug this?
  2. I did already find a couple of unused variables (Highlighted in red as ‘Obsolete’) when inspecting all the components and the flows.
    Is it possible to see all these warnings/errors before building an app, in one place?
    Would save a lot of time spent individually inspecting and figuring what went wrong where, after an app crashes.


Go through build settings and verify that you’re saving the google maps api keys through the Advanced tab to the build


When i go to the Advanced Settings, the API keys are already entered there.

Do i need to generate my own API keys and add them or the default ones should also work?

The default one should work. You’d just need to press the Save button once for it to be part of the build which is kinda wack but hopefully we can get to revamping the whole build service UI at some point


Checked it again. There’s just one button there: ‘Save and Next’.

Tried it again though. Still crashing.

Hmm. I checked that your buildsettings hadn’t been updated. I updated them for you now so if you try building again it should work. I’ll check if there’s some reason the settings didn’t update from your actions. Could be locked under admin still or some other bug :grimacing:

I also for some reason presumed we were talking about Android app. Is this the case?


That’s correct, i was referring to the Android app.

The issue with the GPS seems to have resolved.

It would also be good to know if the issue with the build settings is also resolved. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t reproduce your issue. Which browser are you using? You sure you pressed save & continue at the advanced tab?

Do you see any errors in the browser console?

I’m using Chrome. That’s correct, tried the save & contrive multiple times.

And checked now, no errors in the browser console either.

Are you able to change the API key?

Haven’t yet tried with my own key.
Still trying out with the (pre-filled) default option.

Hi @Sasu_Makinen, could you also tell me about the 1st point, How to debug an app after it has been built?
For example, if a built app crashes for any reason, how can i debug and find out the root cause?

Currently, after your above suggestions, the app is working again, but it still crashes every now and then.

For android you can plug it in a computer and install adb and call adb logcat so you get a logstream from your device. It’s not the easiest to read though.

For iOS you can get crashlogs from the appstore service.

Thanks for the info, will check it out!