How to define a composite component property?

I’ve already defined schema for my Firebase REST api and that is working correctly. Now I’m working on the delete logic.
I’ve created a composite component - a list section header with a Trash can icon which will be clicked to delete the record being currently display.
I’ve hooked up the logic for the delete icon as shown here:

When I click on the big X for resource value I get the following dialog:

(Clicking on the image shows the wording of the warning dialog)

It’s interesting that my data variable “Todo” is displayed, but it’s “unavailable”. So how and where exactly do I “define an appropriate composite component property” ?

to make it work, you need to bind the component tap with the triger event

and then using the receive event you can add your functions outside of the composite component editor.

I’ve replaced the delete data with a triggert event in composite component editor:

I’ve added a receive event thinking that when the receive fired I could look for my custom trigger event that I’ve named “DeleteTrigger”. J

Just to keep things simple outside of the component editor I added the following logic:

But when I run the app and tap on the icon, which shows cleary as being in focus, my toast dialog does not display.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

your problem, is that for trigger and event, you need to specify the event like bellow,

the thing is that if in the trigger there are no available events shown, you need to create one but in the past you could go in the composite component editor and use this
to open the other page and there you will see the option of events.(this worked like that in the past i dont know if they changed it in the last update, try if this switch still exists)
then go to events and just add one and then you can connect the trigger and the event with tat event

Hi Dimos.
Is your logic diagram showing the receive and trigger events inside of the component editor or at the page level?
Thanks for trying to help with this. I really appreciate it.

Hi there im sorry i must have lost your question somehow, i hope you have solved your problem, but heres a guid i made, when i found out the right way to do it after the new editor.

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so your problem , is that in this image

the event, must be defined, matching the event trigger that you created.