How to delete a record from appgyver cloud storage


I need help deleting a record. When I choose a data source, all of them are unavailable.

Sample-App-Composer-Pro-platform-appgyver-com (1)

Sample-App-Composer-Pro-platform-appgyver-com (2)


As the warning states, data resources are unavailable in composite component isolation mode. So within a composite component you are not able to access variables outside of the component, like data variables and resources. Instead, you can add a property to the composite component (while in isolation mode, switch to the properties tab) and add for example data_to_delete text type property. Then, you can bind that screenshotted Resource name to that property, and when exiting the isolation mode set the wanted data source as the data_to_delete property to the composite component.

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Thank you so much, Cecilia.