How to delete records from on-device storage

Hi, I see multiple posts around this question but no one really asking this question or getting a clear answer. How do I, via the AppGyver app UI that I’ve built, delete a record that is on-device storage? I am creating records, reading records, but how do I go about deleting a single record as well as all records at once?

I’m not sure I understand, but if it’s recordings that you created on-Device Storage. You put value == null

Yes, I am wanting to add in the ability for the user to delete a record that they previously created and saved to on-device storage

So is :
RecordCreated == null

Awesome thanks will give it a crack and give feedback. Thanks :slight_smile:

you can use the Delete Record flow function. This function requires the record id. If you already have the id is easy, if not you have to get the id first.

You may have to use the DELETE RECORD flow function. To get each key you use the GET COLLECTION flow function and use the an index + 1 variable to loop through all IDs. As soon as there’s no longer an index to refer to, all records would be deleted. I reallly hope there could be an easier way.