How to deploy as a own corporate app


How to deploy own corporate app? for internal employee use. Not public distribution.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.

You can distribute the app installers among the employees. Every time you build an app, the app installer (i.e APK for Android) is only available to you and is not sent out publicly. So, unless you decide to make it public, nobody has access to it.

I found that Android provided APK, but iOS didn’t(only app store distribution). That’s right?

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No, that is not the only option. You can read about this in the documentation: IOS Builds

Yes, I already checked documentation. But in my project, I could see only this option…!

I am sorry for misleading you. The documentation had an outdated screenshot.

You need to build your app with the AppStore option. That will make a binary that can be internally distributed via the Transporter app. Because of Apple’s stricter policies, all apps should be built in a way that is compatible with the AppStore.

This section of the documentation talks about this: IOS Builds

Thank you, now I fully understand!