How to detect when a composite component is focused so that the rest of the app can know?

I mean, come on man. what is the deal??

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There is no component focus as such. Only page itself.

There is a comonent focus for input. Indeed there is.

But that is available only for inputs. That is a property of the native component.
In HTML you don’t have a “focused” attribute…

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In order to really know where the user is, You could in fact try to create some sort of tweaking.
Let’s say You want to know if a user is reading a blog post or not, or how much time did they spend on one article.
You can build a variable “articleViewStats” with the following properties:

  • postId
  • readStart
  • readEnd
  • readDuration
  • openCount
  • shareCount
    You can update these stats based on user interaction with the app. So if your blog posts are on separate pages, then on a page-focused event you can update these. If You have open native share dialog flow installed and used, you can update that as well. Later You could do some data analysis based on these details and provide customized articles for the users. This is possible with Appgyver, just needs careful planning. But there is no easier way of doing it, not even with full-code solutions… As there are some tech and “legislative” limitations as well. #weloveGDPR :laughing:

Yes. Exists Focus input flow to set focus - butt not to detect currently focused component.
It is possible to check change event of each component and then decide which component is in “action”.

Ok, listen. On a non composite input, I can use the onFocus flow to do many things. What I am asking is how to also be able to detect that on a composite input.