How to display an array in the list item

I have defined an array as below in Firebase:

“fields”:{“employee”:{“arrayValue”:{“values”: [{ “mapValue”:{“fields”:{“email”;{"stringValue: “”},“staffName”;{"stringValue: “abc”},“dept”;{"stringValue: “dept1”}…

Each array is an employee record.
How can I use a list item to display individual employee with staffName?
How can I display a list of employee and filter with dept?

Please help.

Hi @Edman_Chan, check out these tutorials:

Show single data record:

Lists and repeats, filtering lists:

Thanks Mari,

I can fetch collection of records with simple data structure. However, I want to use array with map fields in it. I can only display the the first record in the list item because I can only select only repeated.current.fields.employee.arrayValue.values[0].mapValue.fields.staffName.stringValue. It just display the first record and it cannot be use to display all array record ! I think I need to use MAP() function but I don’t know how to do it.

Please help!

Hi, if I understand the data format correctly you can use “Response key path” in the “Get collection” configuration and set it to fields.employee.arrayValue.values to get the array of items you want to work with into a collection of records type data variable.

Have you considered using the Google Firebase connector for the data? It will yield a much simpler schema than if you do it via the REST API integration: Google Firebase connector - AppGyver