How to display appvariable list of text

I am new and frustrated in this problem. Anyone can help me?
I have done a login screen. My user table has a column of user group. Each user has multiple groups. In database, this colummn looks like a list :slight_smile:
“Group A”,
“Group B”

During login, I use app variable to store user group. Then go to list page. I use alert to display the list value which is: [“Group A”,“Group B”]

In list page, I want to display user group. I created page variable (list of object). Set repeated property. But then I don’t know how to set the content and how to display user group.

See attached screens.

I solved the problem already. It is my mistake or not familiar to json. In database, I need to input json format in user group, which is,
“name”: “Group A”
“name”: “Group B”

Then define app variable with List of Object.

Display user group field → set repeat with output value of user group → bind content to value of List of object’s name