How to display images (wallpapers) from firebase storage

I have created a folder in my firebase storage and uploaded images that will be displayed within my app as wallpapers that can be downloaded. Im struggling to find a way to display these images within my app in AppGyver from the Firebase storage as scrollable repeating data. Does anyone know how to retrieve and display these images in Appgyver and how to setup all the necessary data variables and which URL links to use in Firebase. Thanks.

Hey, this dipends on how you want to upload the images, if you want that to be dinamic form the app, for each image you upload you should get the url in the response, but if you just want to use one image you uploaded, you should get the url from here (the blue text)

manually copy it and then you can use it anywhere.

An other idea, if you want to use the image as background, in order to avoid the loading time, you can use a page like this

to encode the image in Base64 and use that code instead of the image url and that way there wont be extra time for loading.

Hey thanks for this response! I managed to try this and it worked, however only of one image with the selected URL. Ultimately my end goal is to Display a bunch of wallpapers in chronological order. I upload these images myself to the Firebase storage and I need a way to automatically show the latest wallpaper first in the app when I upload them to storage. So far I have a collection of 23 pictures in my storage and I managed to create unique ID’s for these. When I try to retrieve the data in Appgyver so far all I can fetch is the Id’s as shown in the screenshots. Would you know a way to display these pictures in the front end automatically when I upload the image files in Firebase.

![Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 3.14.53 PM|690x455](upload://r2VKY94pITNskq2MU4vDzwjp5SF.p
Uploading: Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 3.20.43 PM.png…

to display them in your preferred order, but also for then to be displayed automatically, you need to
in each image to store another field timestamp, and then you can sort based on that.

Also, no there is no way, to automatically display them, you need to create the firestore document too.
But a solution to that, would be to have an admin page in the app, or even have a web app, where as the admin you will upload the image and it will automatically create the firestore document with any data you need