How to display name to main page?

After login, I want to make:

Welcome, Jordan(name)!

I go to content and choose formula: “Welcome, " + ( +”!"

this formula display: Welcome,undefined!

How to fix it?

try like this
“Welcome, " + +”!"

and if it still doesnt work, you need to check the data connector in the page, because for some reason, i guess you dont get the data.
Of course, if the data connector in the page is good, there is an issue with the data connector in the app.

If you share some images it will help

“Welcome, " + +”!" also doesn’t work

ok you can look into that and share some more details

Снимок экрана 2022-05-26 в 21.44.32

id is wrong?

try making a test with hard typing an id from your database, and if that works, the problem is with this.

Also, try to make a test call in the data connector and see if you get a response

Also, I check my data, run test and all data get from the backend

So, that’s probably the issue

You were right, I made a test with hard typing an id and I got name. Thank you
But how to fix it?

this depends on what userid you want to use and where you set it. For ex you use the first item of a list