How to display # of items in repeat

I have a list that repeats, and I want to show the number of items that are in the list. I generally could take this from the number of items in the data variable or list that is bound to the control, but I am also filtering the list with the visibility property.

So how can I know how many items are being shown in the list?

I would have thought repeatedInfo.current.count would work, but it is giving me back he size of the original list, not reducing it by the filter.

P.S.: This could be true

try using COUNT to the filtered list you have

If I am using the visibility property to show some items and not others, the count does not work and shows me the entire data collection, not the items that are displayed. Any other solution?

If you want to count the items, you cannot use the hide option. A solution to your problem, would be to have a new page variable created as the list, where you can use that list in the repeat function. That way, you will be able to remove items from the list and add them back (because you always have the data variable with all the data). In that case , you can use the count function, to get the number of items.

On the other hand, if you dont need to add the items back, you can try removing them from the list of the data variable, (i think its possible, you can try). that way, you can use the count function on the data variable list