How to do auto-format for phone number input?

How to do auto-format for phone number input. Like this:


Hi, here’s some forum threads about the same issue, if they could help:

Thank you! :pray:

I set it:

But I have this problem :pleading_face: :

Hi! Can I get a screenshot of the formula in the Set page variable?


Hmm I don’t think padding will work as it won’t change the value of the page variable. And also I found another issue with that way (even though I’ve suggested it myself in those threads :sweat_smile:) is that erasing the inputs won’t work, the field won’t let you get past 4 or 8 characters.

I believe this will be completely possible with 3rd party plugins, but until then maybe the safest thing to do is to format the text after the user the focused out of the input (onBlur event).

I fixed it like this:

  1. IF condition - formula:

  1. Set App Variable - formula:

In the “Logic” it looks like this:

In the end I have this result:

But now I have an issue when I want to change the number that I tapped just now:

So when I just tap one time to “delete” button, it’s not deleted.
Only when I tap so many times it’s deleted…

  1. How to solve this problem?

  2. Also I want to add one more condition:

When the user types “8” in the [0] index of the input, it will automatically changed to “+7” …

How to do this one?

Could anyone help to solve these problems?

Hey, sorry for not following up on this thread! :scream:

But yes, that would be the intuitive logic, but as I said in the previous post erasing of characters will not work, because those IF nodes will be triggered when the input gets down to 9, 8, 5… characters length. I haven’t found a way to solve this :confused:

Okay, thank you anyway! :slightly_smiling_face: