How to do this? Please

Data looks like this repeated:


…wordpressUserId: 1234
…firebaseUserId: lkjhskjchsjkhkjhsakhs

I only have the wordpressuserId and need to get the firebase user id from a get collection of records filtered by the wordpressUserId, so I know there is only one record returned.

I can either get the value of firebaseUserId or I can get the top key of the node, as they are both the same? I have tried everything and cannot get it.

Please help and I will help you with something.

So is what you need a formula? In that case, I would use FIND to find the correct data record, and then LOOKUP to get its firebaseUserId. Is that what you’re looking for?

Sorry I meant to edit this. My problem was the Value type I was trying use to filter the data had to be set to integer text. I was trying with it set to number, so no data was returning. Once I set it to integer text I just used the data[collection][0].userId because it will always return only one result in the array.

However I still have not been able to figure out how to return all results which have a matching userId when some items have only one nested object and others have a list of nested objects. It only ever returns the results with the single. Nested object.

Like this:

Single nested object:

… author
…- userId

nested list of objects

There is another thread about this I will try to find it and link to it.

I am pretty sure this is because the filter flow editor by default allows you to define a nested item as an object, so when there are multiple objects under the same node it does not match the object being filtered

This is the thread with screenshots of the filter flow editor