How to download a file?

Simply, how to download a file (type: html/txt/jpg/js/css etc.) and save it automatically at a particular path, in the local (mobile) device?

I’m guessing this is going to utilise the “Download files” or the “Export to downloads” flow functions, but i can’t figure out how exactly to use them. Neither could i find any related instructions in the Documentation.

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Thats it - “Download files” and then “Export to downloads”. All you need to fill in for Download files is the “name” and “download Url” fields. Then the input of “Export to downloads” is simply the output of the “Download files”.

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Maybe you can help me out here. I did what you suggested, but it fails sadly.

See screenshot

When using the Open web browser flow function with the same download path it works, but that’s not what I am intending to do.

Thanks for your help

Whats the error message?

Hi @JOHN_WORSHAM thanks for the reply. I am not able to say for the moment, cause I cannot get debugger connected

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Where your error Toast is put an Alert there instead and have it display the raw error message output of the Download File function.

@JOHN_WORSHAM learning day by day :wink:

“Error: Unsupported URL”

is the error message. I don’t get it because with “Open web browser” it works with the same url-variable

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But the URL actually points to a file?

Yes it does point to a file

Are you trying to download from Firebase storage?

@JOHN_WORSHAM no, I am pointing to a file on our server. It looks like this:


It seems to be a problem with the url structure I guess, because if I point to a simple pdf like this

it works.

Any ideas?


I got the info now why it is not working:

“currently used URL has query parameters, direct link would get you directly to the file without query parameters.”

Any idea on a workaround?