How to duplicate components

Hello, I made the big mistake of creating a group of components I had grouped together into a container as a new composite component, only to realize afterwards I cannot add clcik events on the individual components within the component. What is the best way to be able to copy and paste component groups onto other pages while still being able to edit them just like when you first make them?

I made this you can take a look! Its for creating tap events in composite component so you can solve your problem without duplicating.

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@Daniel_Perley1 you’re able to edit the components when you open them in template editor mode (from side bar under properties when you have the component selected) but please note that if you edit something here, it will be applied to every other instance of that component you have on every page. If you need to make it different style-wise, open it in template editor mode and clone as new view component. If the changes you want to make are in what text it displays etc, you can add variables in the template editor mode that you can configure from the outside etc.

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thank you. I will try to figure this out. I appreciate the help

thank you. I see now it just changes the way you work on them. thank you for your help

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I’m not finding the ‘clone as new view component’ button. Where is that?

@Matthew_Komar - Yes I am not able to find that button as well, I am pretty sure I have used it before and made few clones but now that button seems not to be visible. @Mevi - Has something changed off-late or am I looking at a wrong place? Thanks!

I have been using cntrl c and it has been working. The. I select a container or page layout and use cntrl v to paste it.

Apparently earlier we could have dragged in an installed component, edit it and then we could have saved it as a custom component.

However, now this provision is not available now. There is a way to duplicate a component and this should be done before we start customizing the component:

oh I don’t even use those composite components. they can’t read variables in the app or anything. its the stupidest thing I have ever seen

Few are very nice, and we can customise and extend. You can customise them to read the page / app variables and configure even to respect the 2-way bindings. Using pre-built components will cut short a lot of our dev efforts. You should give it a try :slight_smile:

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