How to dynamically change the initial page?

How to dynamically change the initial page?

What kind of flow are you looking to implement?

Hi Mari. Thank you for your reply.

I collect some data from every new user of my app. After the first and only first log in, the user would be directed to the a page (“first time”) to fill in some info.

I’m using FireBase Auth. Couldn’t find other way other than, creating an ir condition on initial page mount to evaluate if current user is first time user. If yes, than open page “first time”.

I was looking for another solution because I think it’s a waste to evaluate that same condition every time the user goes to home page.

Hi, that sounds about right – can’t think of a “condition-less” approach to this, if there is something conditional present and it’s not dependent on any action the user takes. If you had for example a separate registration flow, the questions could be part of that.

Yes. I do have a registration separation flow. Actually when the user is authenticated it tries to retrieve the user’s data. If data doesn’t exist than it takes a separate flow and create all the databases for that specific user. That’s how the app identifies whether user is first time or not.