How to edit time?


Im making a booking website wherein you can book a schedule, so in my database i have time in, time end , interval and date. what i like to do is when i set an interval time it will automatically generate the time.

For example the time availablity is 8:00 AM - 5 PM. when i input the interval for 30 minutes in the database it will automatically change the time to 8:00,8:30,9:00,9:30,10:00,10:30 … 5:00 PM.

what formula i can use to make this possible in my dropown list?

Best Regards.

This is a very interesting question! I suppose you would have to create a list of objects and assign the values to it using a formula. That formula would start from 8 am and add +00:30 m every time until it reaches 17:00 (5pm). It would need IF-statements to check for that.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you an exact formula at the moment, as it would require testing; but it seems to be possible, and I hope my explanation gave you an idea.

For working with time I find it easiest to always work with “timestamp”, then just convert for display purposes. Adding times is then very easy as you are just dealing with a number.

In my understanding …in this case it will only show 8:30,9:30,10:30 , I want it to show 8:00,8:30,9:00,9:30… . I appreciate your inputs here ! :smiley: