How to embed a simple game on AppGyver (or how to embed AppGyver on a gaming app?)

Hello all… I need an app where I can hide a network behind the veil of a video game. It loads like a video game, you can hit ‘play’ and play it (only one level, nothing complex, this is our veil), you can hit a few other things maybe, but somewhere is ‘options’ then ‘special features’ and that’s it. Special Features is our wardrobe which gets us to Narnia.

Here in the Special Features we have whole back end where people can find a calendar listing all the cool parties we have coming up, signups for cooking classes, and the lowdown on when johnny or susie is having a taste-testing to determine which tortilla works best for their new taco restaurant. All this needs to be managed by AirTable.

Most of what I’ve been able to find is:
1_ a gamer platform which won’t connect to AirTable
2_ solid backend, AirTable etc. but no way to put even a stupid little game on there (this is where i am with AppGyver.

Thanks in advance, I know what I’m wanting is a bit extraordinary, but also for the right person I think it’s incredibly doable. Also – the game I built already (don’t have to use that one) exports as HTML5, if that matters.

#2 … You can´t do this with Appgyver as yet.

I´m also not sure how well App store or Playstore will like this either.